Healing School Event

on Friday and Saturday September 22nd -23rd

About our Healing Ministry

Word of Faith Healing School Ministry - Members of the healing school along with Doctor Rhoden visit the sick in their homes, hospital, hospice facility, or nursing homes. We go out as a team or individually to bring comfort to the sick by praying for them and laying on of hands. When necessary we will give the person an anointed prayer cloth, holy oil, and scriptural verses. We will pray for the sick person until they have manifested their healing. The Word of Faith Healing School is offering a course "INSTRUCTIONS ON HEALING AND PRAYING FOR THE SICK" by Doctor Antoinette Rhoden.

The course consists of lessons prepared by Doctor Antoinette Rhoden, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and biblical scriptures for healing. Doctor Rhoden has been in the healing ministry over 35 years. The wisdom and knowledge she has gained over the years and the insight the Holy Spirit has given her into the healing scriptures is being shared in this course.

We do not claim to be physicians but we do believe that by your faith you can be healed in Jesus Name. This course will touch on subjects such as The Power in the Name of Jesus, Baptism with the Holy Spirit, The Blood Of Jesus; Casting out Demons; The Power in what we Say; How to command sin and sickness to leave the body; How to walk in Divine Health; and many more fascinating subjects. If you would like to take this course, you may send for the book at the address on the screen or visit us at our Healing School. The course will once again be offered in February, 2006- date to be determined.