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Blood Clot in the Brain.

In 1996 my mother was in an automobile accident and was admitted to the hospital. They took all kinds of tests and x-rays and found nothing. About a month later, she started to experience terrible headaches. We took her once again to the hospital and at that time they discovered she had a blood clot on the brain, from the previous accident, which had not been detected until now. The doctors recommended surgery; mother refused and checked herself out of the hospital. She wanted to pray about it and sought healing. While attending church service, she told Pastor Rhoden she was not feeling well and that her head hurt. She asked Pastor to pray for her. Pastor took her into her office, had her lay down and covered her with her robe, and laid hands on her and prayed. Mother fell asleep, and when she woke up she had no more headache and believed she was healed. About a month later the doctor recommended another CT Scan to see if the clot was still there. To the Glory of God the blood clot was gone and Mother had no more problems. Mother was 85 at the time she lived to be 93 years old and in 2004 went home to be with the Lord.

R.Dacres For Molly Coldspury, Florida, USA

Healed from Mental Illness.

It was approximately 12 years since I met Pastor Rhoden. I met her at time in my life when I was rather discouraged and contemplating suicide. Pastor ministered to me, and that gave me hope. I had suffered greatly with mental illness, and was in and out of mental hospitals every year. In 1996 while hospitalized the doctors told Pastor I would never recover enough to function in society again. She was not moved by what they doctors reported, she knew that the Lord is the greatest physician, and she sought him on my behalf. Through intercessory prayer and the laying on of hands I believe I would be healed. The Lord directed Pastor to get me Chicken Soup and to pray over it and take it to the hospital. The defining moment in my healing and deliverance occurred when the pastor obeyed the Lord, and brought me my favorite chicken soup. I will never forget that day. I drank it and, I was healed and delivered. Soon after, within the week the doctors discharged me from the hospital.


My Testimony.

In the bible, Acts 19 verses 11 & 12 say "How God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul." "So that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick and the diseases left them and the evil spirit went out of them" I attended a meeting at Pastor Rhoden's conference God gave her a word of the medical condition that I had. I went forward and she laid hands on me and I am reporting victory of my healing since Pastor Rhoden prayed for me in the mighty name of Jesus.

Lorna, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

To God Be The Glory.

"How can I say thanks for the things he has done for me. Things so undeserved, yet he gave to prove his love for me. The voiced of a million angels could not express my gratitude. All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe it all to thee" Praise the Lord, praise the Lord. I just want to give thee thanks and praise for the many, many blessings that he has bestowed upon me. In March of 2005, I was coming home from work one morning when I experienced numbness in the right side of my body and tingling in my mouth. My blood pressure and pulse escalated and a faint feeling came over me. As soon as I got home, I asked my daughter to call 911. I was rushed to the hospital. Several tests were carried out. The results were all good.

The doctors could not determine what was happening to me. I was hospitalized for three days and was sent home on aspirin. I was advised to check with my primary physician who prescribed blood pressure medication for me. Two weeks later the faint feeling continued and I began feeling weakness in my legs. I was then referred to my cardiologist who did several blood tests, EKG, Echocardiogram and he also changed my blood pressure medication. He said, he didn't anything life threatening. I just needed to watch my weight, my salt intake and go on with my normal life. The weakness in my legs and faint feeling continued. So I decided to call Pastor Rhoden and asked her to pray for me. I also visited her church and healing service where hands were laid on me. Ever since, I have not experienced that faint feeling or weakness in my legs.

As the scripture says "by his stripes we are healed" and "we are to call those things that are not, as if they are." I would remiss if I did not claim victory in the name of Jesus. This is not a cliché. I know that against all odds, God is with me, always. Continue to pray for me while I pray for myself in Jesus name, Amen.

Marcia- Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Born with a Heart Murmur.

My daughter was born with a heart murmur and also one of her artery was smaller than the other. She was being seen by a heart specialist, and she was also brought to Pastor Rhoden who prayed for her. After the prayer her heart became normal. She was then discharged from her physician's primary care permanently. She is now 9 years old, and only visit the Doctor for regular shots and basic check up.

Karena 9 years old, daughter of D. Wedderburn Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Sickness of depression.

My first encounter with Dr. Rhoden ( I just realized I typed Dr. instead of Pastor. I will let it remain because Pastor Rhoden is more than a Doctor in the spiritual rhelm) was the first night I went to church. I guess she saw torment on my face. It was a sickness of depression, she prayed for me over a period of time and I am now completely healed from depression.

In addition I had broken my clavicle few years ago, the Doctors saw where it would take a long time to be healed, Pastor Rhoden prayed and that was changed. After the x-ray my doctor was in awe. I just told him God still healed. As I mentioned before God has used Pastor Rhoden's Ministry to transform my life. As an individual, who was depressed is now helping others.

D. Wedderburn, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

My sister passed month ago, I was angry and depressed. Pastor Rhoden prayed for peace, and God has given me not only peace but patience.

Vernica, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

On January 27, 2007 I came to the healing ministry. Pastor Antoinette Rhoden prayed for me, and the Lord is making a change in my life. No more depression, fear, or shyness. I thank the Lord for healing of my mind, body and soul. I know the Lord Jesus Christ is merciful to all who believe in him. Thank God for Pastor Antoinette Rhoden and for the Word of Faith Healing Ministry.

Sister B. Singletary, Miami FL

Testimony from Jamaica, WI.

Mrs. J. Francis and her husband wanted to have children, they were praying daily to God to grant them the favor of having a child. Pastor Antoinette Rhoden saw in the spirit that Mrs. Francis was praying for a child and told them God will answer their prayer, shortly after Mrs. Francis got pregnant and gave birth to a son.

Greeting in God's most precious and mighty name.

In today's world where some pastors are concerned about what they have or not, and they have lost concentration on their vocation which is to keep God's people together. I have observed your commitment and your unwavering faith in the God's word. Having met you is truly a revelation of God and truly a dream come through. Prior to meeting you I was living in New Jersey and was on vacation in Jamaica, and while in Jamaica, my sister Sandra was told by God in a dream that we would be living in Florida and that we would meet a female pastor that would impact our spiritual life in a meaningful way. Eventually, we came to Florida and as time unfolds we met female pastor at a plaza in Fort Lauderdale, her name is Pastor Antoinette Rhoden, after having dialogue with her we realized that It was a dream come through. We were invited to church and thus was the beginning of our spiritual relationship. I was sick when I came up from Jamaica and having gone to your church I got total healing. I can recall we had a session of three days fasting and praying and God spoke to Pastor Antoinette Rhoden and told her to lay her hands on me, she did and I started speaking in tongues. You are all that I have envisioned a spiritual pastor to be. You have taken time out to pray with me, and you are never too busy to listen. You have demonstrated some very strong Christian values, therefore you are well respected and admired. I am absolutely thrilled, delighted and over joyed to have you as my spiritual pastor. You just continue to be true and honest and never compromise your beliefs. Pastor Antoinette Rhoden you are a pastor so rear and a friend so dear.

D. Hall, Boca Raton, FL

Issue with my Stomach

In January 2007 Pastor Rhoden called for a twenty days fast. At the time, I was having an issue with my stomach; so therefore, I did not plan to participate in the fasting. Eight days after the church started to fast, I decided to join them and I completed my 21 days later. The Sunday, before I went to church, the Holy Spirit told me I should break my fast by drinking a glass of water. The Lord would have it that while I was at church Pastor Rhoden called me up for prayer, she did not know I was having a problem with my stomach, this is what the Lord directed her to do. She took a glass of water, blessed it and gave it to me to drink. She laid hands on my stomach and prayed for me and from that day I haven’t had any problem with my stomach. So I just want to thank God for Pastor Rhoden obedience. I Thank God for her, and give God all the glory.

M. Lawrence, St. Catherine Jamaica

Ancestral Curse

I was struggling with Ancestral curse, I did not discuss this issue with Pastor Rhoden, I only talked about my 15 year old daughter that is always having disciplinary problems. On Monday, November 8, 2008, I attended the daily 12:00 noon prayer meeting, held by Pastor Antoinette Rhoden. Pastor Rhoden asked if anyone has anything special they wanted to be prayed about. I did not come forward. I texted three prayer warriors prior to attending the prayer service, and asked them to pray for me and my situation. I did not discuss the text message with Pastor Rhoden, She was led by the Holy Spirit to pray in the Spirit, some things that were uttered no one on this earth could have known, Pastor Rhoden raised her hands towards me, and immediately, I was delivered. I felt something moving out of my body before she even touched me. Pastor Rhoden is a mighty woman of God.

N.C. Fort Lauderdale

Healed from Cataract

I had a tension pain in my forehead periodically, and then one Sunday, Pastor Antoinette Rhoden called for the person with symptom of head ache or pain. I went forward, and was touched, and prayed for. I was healed from that moment. I was later healed from cataract. My doctor diagnosed me with having a cataract in my left eye. Pastor Rhoden called up anyone with an eye infection; I went up and was healed. No more cataract or secretion from my eye.

P. Gordon, Jamaica

I wanted a Daughter

In 1994, my doctor diagnosed, I had a spur in my heel, at that time Antoinette Rhoden was visiting Jamaica. I asked her to pray for me, she anointed my foot with olive oil, and prayed, and the glory be to God, I was healed. And to this day July 9, 2008, I have not felt that spur in my foot. In 1996 Pastor Rhoden was back in Jamaica, I asked for prayer, because I really wanted a daughter, and again, Pastor Rhoden prayed with me and said the Lord said that within 1 year I will have a little girl. Thanks to God, I did have my daughter 1 year to the exact time Pastor Rhoden prayed for me. My daughter is now 11 years old, and she is very special. Thank You Pastor Rhoden, you are a woman of God. God Bless You.

P. Banton, Jamaica

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